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Helping you create effective environments for success and well-being

Ecopraxis is a system of environmental and ergonomic design techniques. It brings together modern technology and traditional disciplines to create safe and effective spaces for living and business

Beyond feng shui

Like feng shui, Ecopraxis tackles issues such as arrangement, form, colour and design, but does so from an up-to-date, Western perspective. Ecopraxis is based on practical, down-to-earth principles, so you don't need to put your faith in frequently-conflicting "magical" formulae.

How can Ecopraxis be used?

Ecopraxis can be used to assess and enhance many aspects of the ecologies under our control, including:

  • health & safety issues at work or at home
  • ergonomics & usability
  • harmful electro-magnetic radiation
  • colour and design
  • pollution from furniture and equipment
  • effective & appropriate lighting
  • usability and fitness for purpose
  • stress reduction
  • efficient use of space

... but always from the standpoint of enhancing your well-being, productivity and success.